Friday, November 28, 2014

Real Madrid Sells Its Own Identity for Gold -- No Cross in the Logo Any More

(Madrid) One may twist and turn as you want: pecunia non olet  is what Emperor Vespasian is said to have said to his son Titus.The two Flavians  ruled the Roman Empire from AD 69-81. The Spanish football club, Real Madrid  even let the cross disappear from the club logo for money.
Clubs and football fans emphasize how proud they are of their respective club logos. Which obviously does not apply to the board of one of the world's most famous football associations. The Cross and the Spanish crown have been part of the coat of arms since the founding of the football club 112 years ago.  The crown was allowed to remain, the cross had to disappear.

Bank of Abu Dhabi New Sponsor - Respect "Islamic Sensibility"

The Board of Real Madrid will respect the "Islamic sensibility". So much undue "respect" is of course not available for free. This was inaugurated at the launch of the new credit card of National Bank of Abu Dhabi  (NBAD). The Arab Bank will continue to sponsor the Spanish team. The NBAD is the largest credit institution of the United Arab Emirates. Between moneymaking and Christian sensibility  the famous football club does not seem to have been hard done by and so it chose the money in its  decision. Who cares about the Christians.
The displacement of the Cross was immediately known by the Spanish online sports newspaper known as   Marca,  which according to the sponsor contract, was signed for three years. The Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and the acting Director General of NBAD, Alex Thursby,  posed in front of the new logo without cross. The contract is not valid  only for the club, but also for the historic football stadium Santiago Bernabeu .  It has been named  since 1955 after the former player and club president Santiago Bernabeu. However, the name of the legendary club leader, named after St. James the Great, will also disappear. The stadium will soon be called Ipic Bernabeu or Cepsa Bernabeu  out of reverence for  the sponsors of the Islamic IPIC Petroleum Investment Company .

No "Respect" for Christian Sensibility - Club President Speaks of a "Strategic Alliance"

The selling of one's own identity is to bring Real Madrid 400 million euros over the next 15-20 years. Club president Perez stated that, since we are dealing not only with an agreement but "a strategic alliance with one of the most respected organizations in the world. I hope that this cooperation will become a permanent alliance. "
It is not the first time that Real Madrid has received  Islamic finance. Last year, the club accepted 130 million euros from the Arabian airline Fly Emirates . However, it is the first time that a sports club has agreed to provide for a sponsorship deal to sell its own identity and put a price nl their own history and roots. Pecunia non olet ?
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred
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  1. Reminds me of Archbishop Eliphandus of Toledo denying the Trinity in the 8th century in order to appease the Muslims. It did not work.

  2. Shocking news: Martin Luther identified as the Number of the Beast

    A group of Catholic Portuguese Monks have revealed the meaning of the 666 number.

    what is the 666 number?

    Revelation 13:18
    This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

    The first 66 are the number of books in the protestant Bible, the last 6, number of a man is Luther 6 letters, 66 and 6= 666

    Luther Bible

    Martin Luther

    1. Anonymous 5:03, Martin Luther was but a tool of Satan just like many of his followers such as that poor lost soul named Jack Chick. Jack and his "Chicklets" do the Devil's work just as their pope and god Luther did but none of them are the Antichrist.

      Don't you have enough to do with saving your soul and the souls of as many others as possible without wasting the time God gave you to spam us with this silliness?

      God bless. And God bless those Chicklets too! LOL!

    2. The Church has always frowned upon Millenarian nonsense. If you take a historical perspective then the beast was Nero and the whore was his Jewish prostitute/wife Poppea. If you take a futurist perspective then the beast ain't here yet. If you take a practical perspective then the beast is any government that persecutes Christians, and that's truly what you should be worried about when contemplating on the beast in John's Apocalypse, because that directly effects you today and is an obstacle to people's salvation.

      Luther was "a" beast but not "the" beast.

    3. She may have frowned generally, but not always.

  3. Pecunia numquam reminds me of last roman emperors who knelt to allow the magister equitum to get on a horse........everybody knows the way the roman empire ended, wasted land.God bless.

  4. When I announced this appalling news in the Bar Cantonet in Finestrat (a Real Madrid supporters' bar) nobody cared a whit about the removal of the cross. Most had not even noticed there was a cross on the logo...

    And that is exactly how the cruel, moronic Islamic project will take over Europe.

  5. They are only obeying the pope who is praying towards Mecca at the Blue his predecessors: another ecumenist protestant pantheist

  6. "But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven."

  7. This certainly will not bother those Spaniards who worship futbol, any more than it does Real Madrid futbol, which worships the dollar - or, in this case, the dirham.

    Indeed: it is a clarifying action.

  8. Mr. Tancred,

    Is OK. Polacks takeit cross off crown on current official flag. No ask me why. Maybe they want be like atheist Prussians or Russkis. No unnerstannit myself.

    1. It's an outrage. Thank God there are still Poles in the world who won't take it lightly.

  9. ...Um, you get what you pay for...

    First Real Madrid, next Al-Andalus...

  10. Good luck, watch the implosion.

    1. The implosion is well underway: Moral. Gray Christian Population. Public and Private Debt. Birth Control. Spain is already a province of Eurabia, which now stretches from Albion to Austria. The Implosion you have in mind is reallygoing to be the mopping up operation.

  11. I pray daily for final perseverance.It looks like we Catholics have a good of being maytyr's with the collapse of christian civilization looming imminent.


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