Thursday, April 14, 2016

Professional Media Catholic has to Find New Job

Tony Spence, director and editor-in-chief of Catholic News Service, a sinecure  he's held since 2004, resigned after he was asked to step down by USCCB's general secretary. 
In recent days Spence's leadership  had been called into question by the Lepanto Institute, Catholic Family News and Lifesite News, according to the other fake Catholic news service, NCR. The business drone was clearly unhinged by the recent media agitprop campaign against states refusing to bow to pressure, by allowing male sexual deviants to use women's restroom. It's quite a hill to die on.  He demonstrated his own deviance from Catholic teaching and had posted about the "controversial" religious freedom bills in North Carolina and Georgia. Some sane Catholics abovmwntiond accused Spence of "promoting the LGBT agenda." Doh!
Evil, fans of sodomy using the name Catholoc wailed ineffectually: "The far right blogsphere and their troops started coming after me again and it was too much for the USCCB," Spence told NCR in an interview Thursday.
There was no outcry from Patheos bloggers. Of course, the Patheos bloggers completely missed this one,  Mark Shea and Father Longenecker were too busy trying to blame faithful Catholics for the Church's problems, and attacking Lepanto Institute  as judgmental, divisive, mean and contentious.


  1. So a bunch of sodomites fired him for supporting sodomy?

    1. I know you tend to despair and presumption, but this is a positive development. Hope more follow.

  2. It is positive that bloggers like yourself ultimately wield the power to effect such an action.
    If it weren't for people like you---God only knows what the USCCB might be spewing at the faithful.

    1. Well, they still have their sodomy loving movie reviewer to get rid of. That has not happened even after hundreds of thousands of complaints after his positive reviews of two queer movies. One being the fag film Broke Back Mountain.

      I don't know what makes this guy any different.

    2. Don't thank me. Thank Lepanto Institute. Michael Hichborn is like a bull terrier and I'm glad he's out there calling attention to this non-sense and getting these people shut down.

  3. I wonder which bishop will be fired shortly (ala vigano) for engineering this resignation! Also how much golden parachute (shower) was he anointed w/for the resignation?

  4. Re: your current poll. You are missing/overlapping which makes it not much use. Would suggest revision

    Go Atheist/Agnostic/No Religion
    Go Protestant/Evangelical/Other Christian
    Go Pagan Other non-Christian Religion
    Go Orthodox
    Go SSPX
    Go Breakaway SSPX
    Go Sedevacantist/Francis Not True Pope
    Unchanged-breakaway SSPX
    Unchanged-Sedevacantist/Francis Not True Pope
    Unchanged-Other Protestant Christian
    Unchanged-Other Religion Non-Christian
    Unchanged-Other No Religion

  5. Tancred why do you keep deleting posts exposing the heresy of "religious liberty"? Don't you know that when you delete these posts it makes you party to the heresy? You don't want to be party to this heresy that is but a stepping stone to paganism: Vide what has just happened to the little sisters of the poor, pregnancy centers in California and those who don't want to bake cakes for sodomites (not to mention those who expose crimes of planned parenthood being prosecuted). In Canada & Europe you can see doctors forced to kill patients on the "national health".

    "Give to each person, and to our public officials
    the grace to respect each person's freedom of conscience and religion. We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen"

    How is this different than the Roman PanTheon

    All the Gods of the gentiles are devils. Psalm 95:5

    But the things which the heathens sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God. And I would not that you should be made partakers with devils. 1 Cor 10:20

  6. I wish I could have an honest online discussion with the SSPX parishioners.
    Every time I post a rational calm point or question,it gets deleted within 5 seconds on any of their blogs.
    I know this is your blog's just curious that calm rational points or questions are deleted so quickly without a response.
    No harm no foul just something I have noticed.

    1. Might have something to do with the inherent ill-will and dishonesty of everything you post.

      Your time would be far better spent doing other things.

    2. Point out my 'ill will' and 'lies' specifically.

  7. Anyone here know if Tony Spence and Michael Voris knew each other before Tony Spence made Editor-in-Chief of CNS? (Pre-2004)...


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